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"Many Businesses Are Struggling...– But Not Those Who Take This As An Opportunity To Grow Stronger..."

“The Clinic ‘From Survive to Thrive' Kit For Beating The Virus Disruption, Keeping Existing Clients, and Signing Up New Ones!”



Join us for a FREE 2-hour Webinar on Tuesday 24 March 2020

Where you will learn:

  • 3 Step Battle Plan to stop the bleeding, keep filling your businesses, and assist to heal the world (whilst increasing market share)
  • how implementing a new system can help your business thrive in the COVID-19 environment
  • how you will be able to service your current clientelle and sign up new clients via distance/remote sessions
  • how you can upgrade your skill set in as little as 6 days
  • how you can uniquely position yourself in the healing space by becoming a world leading expert in bioenergetic medicine
  • practise a unique priority based multidimensional fractal bioenergetic healing and personal development modality
  • the science of bioenergetic medicine
  • Landlord Rent Relief Discussion Framework

Your Complimentary Clinic 'Survive to Thrive' Kit Includes...

  • ​Info pack with contingency plan to give all clients
  • Online/Hybrid healing blueprint
  • 10 prewritten social media posts
  • Method for selling/transitioning to new style
  • Your kit will be emailed to you when you register for the webinar

Claim Your FREE Discovery Session* Now...

If you want more information about FlameTree: the bioenergetic healing & personal development course and don't want to wait until Tuesday, then get in touch with us right now.

* Contact Gabrielle on 0413 858 505 or email to arrange a convenient 10-15minute discovery session over the phone